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Panic In Grocery Store

Team: Unavailable Games // Role: Game & Level Designer // Timeline: 3 Days

Made during a Game Jam, Panic in Grocery Store is a 1-4 player party game in which players must avoid zombies while collecting as many groceries as they can fit into their cart (or carry by hand). The player that checks out groceries & earns the most points wins! I worked on Game Design, Level Design & some 3D Assets.

Game Design

Since the gameplay is extremely simple, much of my design time was spent balancing the score value of items

Score is determined by how difficult it is to exit the store with the item. The larger it is, further away from the exit it is & amount of zombies near it.​​​

Since this is a party game, the gameplay had to be engaging with any amount of players (even 1)! ​

The zombies & countdown timer are baseline challenges & other players only ramp up an already hectic game​

Level Design​


I wanted the level to be extremely easy to understand as the game's ragdoll controller, aggressive Ai & other player's would be hectic enough.

There had to be enough room that player can get themselves & grocery cart in the isles but tight enough that it can all go sideways quick.​​

It also had to be navigable from a far away camera shared across players



Panic In Grocery Store was a fun side project that opened me up to designing a very different experiences than what I'm used to leaning into the chaos.

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