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Journey to Foundation

Team: Archiact Interactive // Role: Mission / Level Designer // Timeline: January~

Journey to Foundation is a VR narrative adventure game slated to release fall 2023. My role on the game was to refine existing missions and enhance the moment to moment player experience. Much of the details are still under NDA.

Level Design

I became the level owner on two of the existing missions, working with multiple other disciplines to enhance the player experience and polish where possible. I had also assisted in other missions with the experience gained in the missions I owned.

Some of what I did was:

  • Work with the Art and VFX teams to alter level layout and prop placement to facilitate player exploration

  • Refine puzzles, interactions and combat to streamline each experience

  • Alter/create Unreal Sequencers in unique situations

  • Work within Unreal Blueprints to fix and/or enhance game logic to create a polished experience.


A large milestone during development was enhancing the combat experience in which I had a considerable role. I had worked closely with the combat team to balance player weapons (including the player's weapon progression) and the enemy AI stats.

Meanwhile, I had also went through every combat experience in the game, altering them (and cut/added some) to create a meaningful and coherent difficulty curve from start to finish. This included iterating enemy spawn points, wave composition, encounter progression and enemy/player covers.

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