Hello there! I design and build experiences that immerse players in exciting worlds.

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Game Design, Level Design
Survival Moon
Game Design, Level Design

Summit is my capstone project at Sheridan College. Players explore a forest in which they craft tools & equipment out of the environment in order to survive.

My contributions were Game Design, Level Design & Narrative Design.

Genre: Survival-lite, Metroidvania

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 5

Duration: 8 Months

Survival Moon is a Survival Horror in which players must find & return scattered parts of their ship while watching their oxygen level & flashlight battery while avoiding deadly alien enemies.

My roles were Game & Level Designer on this project and I showcased the game at many Toronto events.

Genre: Survival Horror

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 5

Duration: 2 Weeks

Game Design, Level Design
Panic in grocery store
Game Design, Level Design

Two players control the same character as one runs & the other guns. Players will swap roles in order to reload, damage certain enemies, interact with the environment, & complete objectives.

My contributions were Game & Level Design.

Genre: Side Scroller, Co-op, Run & Gun Platformer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 6

Duration: 4 Months

Made during a Game Jam, Panic in Grocery Store is a 1-4 player party game in which players must avoid zombies while collecting as many groceries as they can fit into their cart (or carry by hand). The player that checks out groceries & earns the most points wins! I worked on Game Design, Level Design & some 3D Assets.

Genre: Party game

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 4

Duration: 48 Hours

Game Design, Project Management

A contract game I was approached to make for The Taylor Group. The player is walked through the generalized steps The Taylor Group take on creating their customized exhibition attraction.

I had a lot of input in Game Design though my role was largely Communication & Management.

Genre: RPG-lite

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 7

Duration: 1 Month


About Me

To me, games are all about the player experience and what feelings are invoked during gameplay. I design for every mechanic and system to support the promised experience, so I evaluate every aspect of the design to be sure it is working towards that goal.

As a Designer, I am always trying to use as much of the player's toolbox as possible. I teach them what's unique to this game's exploration so they can recognize new opportunities met with equal challenge and rewards.

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