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I'm Josh, I love building neat worlds for players to explore.

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Game Design, Level Design

Reclamation is a 2.5D platformer sculpted out of real clay currently in development by Hat Hair Games. There are 18 playable creatures to control, each with a unique combination of abilities that offer variation to moment to moment gameplay as well as access to new map areas. 

My contributions are: 
Game Design (Abilities, Player Characters, AI Enemies)
Level Design (Overworld, Rooms, Events, Mechanics)

Genre: Metroidvania

Engine: Unity

Game Design, Level Design
Survival Moon
Game Design, Level Design

Summit is my capstone project at Sheridan College. Players explore a forest in which they craft tools & equipment out of the environment in order to survive.

My contributions were Game Design, Level Design & Narrative Design.

Genre: Survival-lite, Metroidvania

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 5

Duration: 8 Months

Survival Moon is a Survival Horror in which players must find & return scattered parts of their ship while watching their oxygen level & flashlight battery while avoiding deadly alien enemies.

My roles were Game & Level Designer on this project and I showcased the game at many Toronto events.

Genre: Survival Horror

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 5

Duration: 2 Weeks

Game Design, Level Design
Panic in grocery store
Game Design, Level Design